Partners in Progress

Since ACP was founded nearly 15 years ago by Mayor Shirley Franklin, this unique public-private partnership has been a driving force for positive change in Atlanta. Our work has supported the Mayor and community stakeholders to implement initiatives that have strengthened our city’s finances, expanded economic opportunity, invested in infrastructure and enriched our cultural heritage.




in Savings

Through new government efficiencies, helping Atlanta achieve a AA+ credit rating.

A Top 25

Technology Hub

Atlanta’s tech jobs have grown by nearly 50% since 2010. ACP member companies partnered with the Mayor and Ga. Tech to accelerate growth of tech start-ups through Engage Ventures.


Billion for MARTA

ACP members contributed more than $1 million to support passage of local option sales tax for transportation infrastructure, creating the largest cash infusion for MARTA in decades.



Historic Legacy
for Atlanta

ACP worked closely with the Mayor and other community leaders to secure $32 million to keep Martin Luther King, Jr.’s papers in Atlanta.

A Jump-Start for

The BeltLine

ACP raised $10 million in start-up philanthropy to help complete the BeltLine’s Westside Trail.

Pension Reform

ACP played a leading role in supporting Mayor Reed’s successful plan to reform Atlanta’s pension system, saving the city more than $270 million over 10 years.

Cleaner Water

In 2016, ACP supported the successful passage of $1 billion in new funding for improvements in sewers and stormwater projects, enhancing water quality for all.